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Smaller plates don’t help you eat less when you’re hungry

Tricking the brain into eating less by serving food on a smaller plate doesn’t necessarily work,

Why Don’t More Americans Eat the Mediterranean Diet?

With obesity rates climbing steadily — they’re up 10 percent since 2000 — and nearly four

People Slimming for Summer Should Carefully Consider Their Salads

People trying to get in beach body shape for the summer often head for the salad

Potential link between poor sleep and obesity

Nighttime snacking and junk food cravings may contribute to unhealthy eating behaviors and represent a potential

Keeping Your Cool During Summer Exercise

It is the first hot and humid day of the summer. As a participant in a

Hydrate Right

Proper hydration is one of the most important aspects of healthy physical activity. Drinking the right

Do you suffer from mindless eating?

How aware are people of food-related decisions they make and how the environment influences these decisions?

Physically fit women nearly 90 percent less likely to develop dementia

Women with high physical fitness at middle age were nearly 90 percent less likely to develop

Crash diets can cause transient deterioration in heart function

Crash diets can cause a transient deterioration in heart function, according to research presented today at

Why alcohol, sugar make us thirsty

Why does drinking alcohol or consuming sugar make us thirsty? An international study of mice in